November 25, 2018

10 Makeup Hacks for Teens

Nowadays, teenagers tend to spend a couple of hours in front of the mirror in order to achieve a perfect makeup. But in reality, there are plenty of tricks they can utilize that will make putting cosmetics a lot easier. Nevertheless, here are the 10 makeup hacks for teens that you need to know.

10 Makeup Hacks for Teenagers

1. Flawless Smokey Eye Makeup

Do you want to achieve a flawless smokey eye make buy not certain how to do it? If so, check out this video tutorial and find out the solution to this problem.

2. Olive Oil For Longer Eyelashes

Another makeup hack that every teen out there will surely love. Actually, this oil serves as a conditioner which helps your eyelashes healthy and strong.

Here’s how to use olive oil to grow your eyelashes.

3. Tightline To Brighten Your Eyes

Rather than struggling over making the perfect cat eyes, brighten your peepers in an instant by following this video.

4. Use a silicone insert to mix your makeup

Silicone inserts are great alternatives instead of using a makeup brush or your hands alone when blending your makeup.

Check out this video and watch how this makeup hack is being done.

5. Keep your lipstick for longer hours

This old hack actually works, simply apply a lipstick and lay down a tissue paper across your lips. Then dust transparent powder on so that the lipstick will stay longer. Either way, check out this video to watch the whole tutorial.

6. Draw Dots to Achieve A Perfect Winged Eyeliner

Are you having a hard time achieving a perfect winged eyeliner? If yes, then this sixth makeup hack can help you a lot. Check this tutorial and discover more tricks on how to achieve a perfect winged eyeliner.

7. Create your own lip gloss

Instead of throwing your broken eyeshadows away, why not create your own lip gloss using them. Crush the eyeshadows into powder. After which mix the petroleum jelly and create any lip gloss color that you want.

Also, you can check this tutorial if you want to make a lip gloss using your lipstick.

8. Create A Natural Contour

Figuring out where to place bronzer or blush for contouring can be a challenging task for most teenagers. So, if you’re one of those check out this video tutorial from YouTube on how to make natural contouring.

9. Turn your Eyeliner Pencil Into A Gel

This hack will make applying eyeliner much easier than ever. Nevertheless, if you’re wondering how to do this, watch this tutorial and transform your eyeliner pencil into a gel using a lighter.

10. Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Sweep the mascara to your nose instead of upwards. In fact, this hack will make your eyelashes look fuller. Also, it makes the eyes look bigger.

Here’s a video tutorial on how to make your eyes look bigger.


Today, there are lots of makeup hacks that teenagers can use. However, pulling out any of the above-mentioned hacks always come in handy during emergency circumstances. And not to mention these hack can help you save money and time.

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