October 4, 2018

10 Super Simple Makeup Hacks for Everyday

How do we define beauty? Should it be just plain natural or with the aid of innovations?

“Everyone is beautiful” I believe this would usually come either inside or out. Some have a bit more on the standard of pageant contestants and other would be somewhat simpler but still stunning.

One would also just need a little lit from confidence to realize she is outstanding. And getting confidence through makeup is one of the key ingredients.

Some ladies are not confident enough to let people glance on them and feel they do shine, but well, in fact, they already have it. So they do turn into learning how to apply makeup, for most of us what is making up? Well… Makeup is something that is already been utilized for centuries. A method used to enhance your natural looks which give you the feeling of confidence.

Usually, a procedure that not only ladies use, but also some gentlemen do it especially actors and celebrities who are always on the camera. But for others, who just want to have it for daily use, here are the hacks that could get you that confidence and looks!

Here are some simple makeup hacks: 

1. Use Foundation.

  • In using foundation it should be balanced in every part of your face you want to put on.
  • Don’t put too much because you look like a clown, and don’t put also too little.
  • The outcome should be After applying it if you don’t have a powder you can use a tissue to set your makeup and keep it in place.
  • Just separate the tissue in half and pull it apart, then blot inside of it to your face.

2. If your makeup brushes aren’t within reach,

  • Look for a cotton ball to apply blush. It will pick up the color.
  • Just lightly put on the blush, smile then apply it on your cheeks.

3. Make your eyeshadow pop.

  • Put some water to it before brushing. You may use it with blending and make sure you use a good blending brush. And also the color you choose.
  • It should be balanced with the color of your lipstick for the best

4. Let your eyelashes bloom.

  • A light of baby powder after a coat of mascara can look more glow to your eyelashes without awkward feel.
  • I suggest also if you want healthy eyelashes and you want to grow long put some oil on it. You may put it in your eyelashes anytime you want as long as you must use it regularly for the best

5. Using Eyeliner.

  • This beauty hack that will get you a consistent eye gel liner, just grab one of your pencil liners and hold it under a flame.

6. Reshape your lips with concealer.

  • Just trace your lips slightly with a lip liner pencil making them appear larger.
  • After that fill your lips with the pencil for a matte look or finish it with gloss.

7. Maintain your lip smoothness.

  • To maintain lip smoothness you can shed with a mixture of sugar and Vaseline.
  • You can also use a lip balm like Nivea lip care moisture because it absorbs into your lips quickly.
  • It will help to prevent cracking of lips.

8. Use hairspray in removing a lipstick stain.

  • Spray the fabric with hairspray for a few minutes.
  • Dab the stain & then lost it in the water.

9. Upgrade Your Hair Style.

  • Hair is one of the most noticeable parts of a woman It enhances personality.
  • This is an important part of appearance and sets the tone for their entire look because bad hair day is just a bad day.
  • Does it with a pony, hair braid, or curling it creating the illusion of added volume, no hot tools required.

10. Perfect pimple coverage.

  • I suggest before covering up any a pimple, you must first use a gentle cleanser with a mild and non-astringent toner.
  • Then after that, you may put or apply concealer and it should be put fair for best results.
  • Layer foundation, concealer & setting powder to ensure mark is completely covered.


Make-ups can help you achieve that head-turning looks, fashion type beauty or simply for someone who wants to add more flare into her/his natural beauty. By applying some of our amazing simple hacks, we do hope that you can get that confidence that you need to be much more effective and comfortable daily.

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