August 22, 2017

These 3 Kabuki Brush Uses Will Up Your Makeup Game Right Now

So you’re wondering about kabuki brush uses and how this brush can fit into your makeup routine. Worry not, as this article is specially made for you to better understand what a kabuki brush is and how you could use it to improve your makeup game.

Last time we talked about finding the right foundation brush for you, but you’ll soon see that a Kabuki brush is good for foundation application… and so much more!

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Kabuki Brushes: Up Close And Personal

Before we jump right into the uses of Kabuki brushes, it’s important to understand what it is first.

The first time I heard of a Kabuki brush, I immediately thought of the vividly painted faces of the Kabuki artists of Japan.

Turns out my perception wasn’t all wrong, the Kabuki brush is exactly the type of brush that these artists use to achieve their traditional makeup, also known as Kumadori. In Kabuki theatre, makeup is used to exhibit the personality of a character.

Nowadays, Kabuki brushes can be used by any makeup user, whether they’re going for something as expressive as the Kabuki look or not.

The dome shape of the bristles provide good coverage and make this brush very efficient in spreading powders and other products evenly onto your skin.

While Kabuki brushes are available with bristles that are either real (often taken from goat or squirrel fur) or synthetic, it’s better to get synthetic ones because you’re sure that they’re made cruelty-free.

Kabuki Brush Uses

Kabuki Brushes Come In All Shapes And Uses

This type of brush is available in a variety of shapes, each with a different strength when it comes to applying makeup. There are flat, rounded, angled, and domed Kabuki brushes available to suit your every need.

Flat Kabuki brushes are typically used to evenly distribute makeup products like foundations and tinted moisturizers onto your skin. Mineral powder also sticks really well on a flat kabuki brush due to its density, which makes application easier to apply over your foundation.

The rounded variety is best suited for buffing in powders onto your cheeks. This means that you can use rounded Kabuki brushes for blushes, bronzers, or highlighters.

There are also angled Kabuki brushes which can be used for contouring. You have areas that have natural shadows which you can shade in to further emphasize your features and you can do so by using an angled brush to apply dark pigment on these areas.

The dome shaped Kabuki brushes work really well to blend multiple areas of concealers, even if they are differently colored. Gently blend in these areas together using a rounded motion and your skin will look flawless in no time.

Despite the different uses of the varied shapes, the general idea is that Kabuki brushes give you a polished, poreless look. To get that soft and dewy look, just blend your makeup in a round motion to blend any streaks or uneven lines.

3 Kabuki Brush Uses, Because Why Not?

But apart from being an awesome makeup blender and powder applicator, these brushes can also be used for some nifty hacks, if you will.

1. For smoothing down fly away hair: I know you’re probably thinking that makeup brushes aren’t the same as hair brushes, but we all know how hard fly away hair are to manage with a regular hairbrush or comb. For this reason, spraying some hairspray on your Kabuki brush and using it to lightly brush down the fly away strands will help keep them down for a cleaner overall look.

2. For quick liquid foundation application: Because of the coverage that a Kabuki brush can give, it can also be used to apply liquid foundation in a pinch. Get a small amount of foundation on your hand, dip into it with your brush, and dab some spots of foundation on the areas you want to cover. Once again, use the circular motions to buff it properly onto your skin.

3. For striking shoulders: You can use a Kabuki brush to apply a generous amount of highlighter on the tops of your shoulders, your collarbone, and your décolletage. Buff well for a strikingly beautiful look!


A Kabuki brush is a versatile brush that can be utilized from simple blending and highlighting to taming fly away hair. There are different shapes for different uses, which can all improve your makeup game.
With all these Kabuki brush uses, you probably couldn’t wait to get your hands on your own and start buffing and blending your makeup into shape. But don’t forget to properly clean your brush afterwards for it to last longer!

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