May 19, 2017

5 Tips in Your Quest for the Best Foundation Brush

If you use foundation, you know that the brush is a critical part of making the magic happen. How do you find the best foundation brush? Here are 5 tips that will help you find that perfect brush.

5 Tips For Find the Best Foundation Brush

Good news! It does not have to cost an arm and a leg to get that flawless look. All it takes is these five basic tips, and your flawless look will be on it’s way.

1. Shedding=BIG NO NO

Best Foundation BrushEnsure you find a brush that is not susceptible to shedding. Many reviews online can help you determine if that brush you grab has a shedding issue.


2. Know Your Foundation Brush

Different brushes are used for different things. The classic paddle is one brush that can be used for different foundations. It comes equipped with soft, synthetic fibers. This brush can be used for liquid or powder foundation, and is meant to be used in big strokes.

3. Know What Look You’re Going For

The airbrush effect has been sweeping social media. The Kabuki-Style brushes provide this airbrushed look. These brushes work mostly with liquid foundation, but cover a nice layer over the skin, while not having a clumpy overdone look.

4. Test Different Foundation Brushes

Just because the foundation may seem to match your skin tone, does not mean it will compliment your skin, or even match as per the brush. It is important to find out what will cause what effect on your skin, and on your choice of foundation. (Some individuals have a preference based on skin time, and reactions to different types of foundations on the skin).

5. Understand the Different Foundation Brushes

There are all over brushes, contour brushes, and sculpting brushes. To kind of give you an idea of the purposes, a Unique brush is used for sculpting and great for getting foundation under the eyes.



What is the *Very* Best Foundation Brush?

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