November 25, 2018

7 Mom Proof Makeup Hacks

Being a mother is one of the toughest yet fulfilling jobs in the world. Although you’ll start the day early and do most of the errands, it doesn’t mean that you will set aside your physical appearance, particularly your face. All women, specifically moms, want to look as beautiful as possible most especially in the eyes of their husbands and children. But putting on makeup can be very hectic – just working on your eyebrows is a long work to do already. Plus, considering all the chores piled up makes applying makeup impossible.

That being said, we have compiled 7 mom proof makeup hacks that will allow moms to still look gorgeous while doing their full-time job – being a mother.

HACK #1 – Make sure to secure a facial wipe beside your bed

As a mom, you will no longer have enough time to do all the skincare routine before bedtime. Sometimes, you just want to throw yourself on the bed and pass out. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a cleansing facial wipe beside your bed, that way you just have to get one and wipe your face while lying in your bed. It will also save you time by effectively removing your makeup within a minute. Try to invest in a facial wipe that is cleansing and moisturizing at the same time.

HACK #2 – A lipstick can do all the job

When it comes to makeup, moms prefer the “to-go” ones. You can skip the blush, mascara, and eyeliner but you cannot skip the lipstick. Just a lipstick on your face is already enough to bring your “mama glam” up. You can never go wrong with a lipstick since it’s one of the easiest makeups to apply – you just have to swipe it on your lips and voila! Just keep in mind to invest in a bright and fancy looking lipstick that will stay on your lips for a long time. A bright colored lipstick on your lips gives the impression of a mamacita you are.

HACK #3 – Try to keep a cheap set of makeups and brushes next to your good stuff

This hack will be very much beneficial for moms who have daughters. There are times when daughters watch their moms doing their makeup and want to do the same. Many moms are investing in branded makeups and brushes – you just can’t bear to see your daughters playing on them, can you?

Buy makeups and brushes that your daughters can use. Look for a makeup that is suitable for them since branded makeups can be too much for their young and sensitive skin. Above all, applying makeup is also a bonding moment for mothers and daughters.

HACK #4 – Eyeshadow to cover grey hair

Being a mom is both stressful and fulfilling. It’s normal that as we age, more and more grey hair will show.  Going to a hair salon might not be an option since you’ll have to spend a few hours there to have your hair colored. For the meantime, you can look for an eyeshadow shade closest to your hair color to temporarily cover your grey hair until it’s possible to visit a salon. *Note: You can easily apply the eyeshadow on your hair using a brush.

HACK #5 – Invest in multi-functional products

Prices of makeup products are increasing from time to time. It’s only reasonable to tighten your belt and be practical in choosing the products we buy. There are makeup products that are multi-functional – instead of buying a separate moisturizer and a sunscreen, you can look for sunscreens that not just protects the skin from harmful UV rays but also moisturizes it. There are lip tints that can be used as a blush and eyeshadow aside from coloring the lips so make sure to take a look on that. This hack will not only save you some dollar but also space and time.

HACK #6 – Hairspray as a makeup setting spray

This hack might sound weird but it’s actually one of the oldest makeup hacks when setting spray has not yet been invented. It’s an efficient alternative if a setting spray is not available. Just make sure to check the formulation of the hairspray and do a patch test first on small areas of the skin to check if there’s an allergic reaction.

HACK #7 – Baby oils as highlighters

Highlighters have become a beauty trend nowadays – it gives an illuminating glow on the skin. However, if a highlighter is not available, you can make use of a baby oil as an alternative. Baby oil is a great option if you want to look naturally glowing, but you have to control it as you may end up looking oily if you overdo it. *Trivia: Baby oils have anti-aging properties which is a good component to stay youthful looking.


Mothers are one of the best parts of the world – they sacrificed themselves, including their makeup routine, for the sake of their family. We hope that these 7 mom proof makeup hacks give moms an idea on how to look beautiful while working as full-time mothers.

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