September 18, 2017

Becca Highlighters: Battle of the Lavendery Pink Highlights (with Swatches!)

Becca, oh Becca, why must you release so many of your gorgeous Becca highlighers, each of which I just HAVE TO OWN?  And, why, oh why, despite already having similar highlighters does my heart tell me I still need each and every new one, especially the lavendery pink hues.  

Well, the answer is, they are in fact different, and while there are many similarities, each one has its own special place in my collection and my heart.  In this article I will compare two of Becca’s new limited edition skin perfectors, Prismatic Amethyst and Lilac Geode, along with another favorite pinky highlight of mine, Benefit’s Dandelion Twinkle.  

First, the Swatches: Becca Prismatic, Becca Lilac and Benefit Dandelion

Natural Light:

With Flash:

Checkout that gorgeous architecture in the pan: 

Becca Prismatic Amethyst Pale Gold, Violet and Rose Highlighter

Let’s start with Becca’s Prismatic Amethyst. In Greek mythology, amethyst was rock crystal dyed purple by the tears of Dionysus, the god of wine and revelry.  If that isn’t glamorous enough for you, here is the Becca website’s description of this beautiful skin perfector: “a colour-shifting, creamy, highlighting powder infused with duo-chrome pigments to create a captivating light effect that transforms as you move.”  

Prismatic Amethyst is infused with pale gold, violet & rose pearls to create a unique, iridescent sheen that shifts as you move.  For me, I was surprised at just how natural this “holographic” highlighter looks.  I never pictured wearing a color shifting highlight to my professional job, but somehow this prismatic color medley translates into a very wearable shade. (Image below contains a link to Prismatic on Amazon:)


It probably isn’t going to satisfy those of you looking for something loudly color shifting, but for those willing to teeter on the edge, this is a safe and beautiful option.  As you can see, Prismatic amethyst has far more of a purple base than the other two, and in my opinion it leans more toward a warm silver than a true gold cast in my opinion.

Lilac Geode Becca’s New Addition

Next up is Becca’s Lilac Geode, i.e. my personal favorite and the newest addition to my highlighter family.  Traditionally Lilac, the color for which this flower is named, is a light purple that symbolizes a first love. That’s why it may surprise you that this highlighter is more pink than purple, marketed as “a cool pink with a golden pearl finish.”  There are in fact, pink lilacs, and if they are anything like this skin perfector, I’m guessing pink lilacs are breath-taking.  Lilac Geode is currently only available at Ulta, and through the Becca website and just like prismatic amethyst, this baby is also limited edition.  Lilac Geode gives my skin the most beautiful warmth and glow and like all of it’s Becca sisters, it doesn’t emphasize my pores.

I also wanted to give an honorable mention to Benefit’s beautiful new addition, Dandelion Twinkle.  This was my first dip into a colored highlighter and I must say, I don’t regret it.  Dandelion Twinkle is considered a “nude pink” and likely will look best on fairer skin.

Conclusion: The Winner!

For me, Lilac Geode was a clear winner, though I wouldn’t consider parting with either of the other two contenders.  Both Becca highlighters deliver the signature creamy texture Becca powders are known for.  Benefit is slightly more powdery, but blends easily and has a considerably more affordable price point.  While all three highlighters conjure up pale purple tones, they surprisingly all offer a very different finish.  Any of these three would be a wonderful first dip into the world of colored highlighters and would be a wonderful edition to your highlighter collection.

Becca Highlighters Lilac Geode v. Prismatic

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