March 21, 2018

Best Flat Iron for Curly Hair in 2019

When a flat iron works, its a thing of beauty. When you get a bad one. . . ugh! If you have curly hair, the quest for a good hair straightener gets even more tricky. We feel your pain. Here’s our guide to the Best Flat Iron for Curly Hair in 2019.

Flat irons are a huge help especially if you want to straighten out naturally curly hair. Ideally, your hairstyle should look sleek and smooth, and you probably want that fresh-out-of-the-salon look every day without breaking the bank.

To aid you in your search for the best flat iron, I have compiled five different flat irons on the market for you to look through.


HSI Professional Glider

The HSI Professional Glider is a regular-sized flat iron that you can purchase for around $40. You do not need to buy any additional items for you to use this iron. It comes with a pouch, argan oil, and a handy glove. It’s an all-in-one flat iron package at a mid-range price. There’s even an HSI style guide to assist hair-styling beginners.


  • Ceramic and tourmaline crystal ion plates
  • Eight Heat-Balance microsensors
  • Adjustable temperature settings (140 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • 360-degree swivel cord

One of the best things about the Glider is its adjustable temperature settings. You can easily manipulate the heat depending on the hairstyle you have in mind. It is perfect even for those with extremely curly hair. Just make sure to use the provided argan oil as a heat-protectant.

The Glider is fairly convenient to control with its 360-degree swivel cord. It is lightweight, affordable, and does the styling with care.


  • Longer cord for your styling convenience
  • Adjustable heat and heat-balanced plates
  • 1-year warranty


  • Poor placement of temperature control knob
  • No digital temperature display
  • No automatic off feature

Chi G2

If you do not mind spending a bit more on your hairstyling equipment, consider the Chi G2. Compared to the others on this list, it is significantly more expensive at less than $140. However, its reliability and durability towers over most in the market.


  • Ceramic and titanium plate technology
  • Adjustable temperature settings (0 to 425 degree-Fahrenheit)
  • Color-coded LED temperature display

The Chi G2 features ceramic and titanium plate technology, infusing ceramic plates with titanium lengthens the lifespan of the tool considerably. It is durable enough to be used by both professionals and beginners alike. The build of this flat iron also makes your styling glides smoother and much more efficient.

Another aspect of the G2 that makes it worth it for its price is its precise temperature control. You can either set the temperature yourself or use its color-coded LED temperature display. Whether your hair is fragile or resistant, there is a specified temperature recommended for you. It’s very easy to monitor: blue is for fine hair, green is for wavy hair, and red is for coarse hair.


  • Temperature is easy to control and monitor
  • Durable yet very easy to control
  • Useable for all hair types


  • More expensive than most
  • Problems with the cord staying straight

GHD Classic Styler

For less than $90, you can purchase the GHD Classic Styler. As its name suggests, this flat iron is a classic, being straightforward and easy to use. It promises effortless straightening, curls, and waves without putting your hair at risk.


  • Contoured ceramic plates
  • Sleep mode after 30 minutes of disuse
  • Round barrel for extensive curling

You will find it very easy to work with the Styler. It’s a tool designed both for everyday use and for more formal events. It has a round barrel especially made for you to be able to customize your curls more. If you need this tool to straighten your hair, you will appreciate its 20-second heat up time and its effective results.

It has a 2.8-meter cord which makes it incredibly easy to move around while using this flat iron. Additionally, it also shuts off automatically after 30 minutes of disuse. Even if you forget to unplug this tool, rest assured, your home and tool will both be safe.

Moreover, bear in mind that this particular tool has many fake sellers on the Internet. Make sure to double-check whom you buy it from.


  • Long cord for increased mobility
  • Heats up fast and works efficiently
  • Automatic sleep mode feature


  • Problems with GHD online registration
  • No adjustable heat temperature
  • Not recommended for users with thick hair

Remington S5500F

If you are a beginner who wants to try out flat irons first before splurging, the Remington S5500F is a viable option for you. For less than $20, you will have a 1-inch flat iron with a durable build.


  • Anti-static technology
  • Adjustable temperature settings (310 to 410 degree-Fahrenheit)
  • Ceramic plates infused with titanium
  • Digital temperature controls

The Remington S5500F has it all in regards to the basics of a flat iron. Firstly, it boasts of anti-static technology that greatly reduces frizz. You would look good every day for the price of one salon visit with this flat iron.

You can easily adjust the temperature with its digital temperature controls. However, compared to the others on this list, there is not much range. Even though it does not compare temperature-wise to its more expensive counterparts, the control offered by this iron is sufficient to straighten and curl most hair types. It is also built like higher-build models. Ceramic infused with titanium is a surefire way to guarantee a long-lasting tool.


  • Ceramic and titanium for increased durability
  • Temperature is very easy to control
  • Cheap yet packed with valuable features


  • Hair may smell like chemicals after styling
  • Plates don’t meet perfectly

BaBylissPRO Porcelain Ceramic Straightening Iron

The BaBylissPRO is a reasonably priced straightening iron at around $60. It features a porcelain ceramic build that BaBylissPro claims to contribute to the tool’s instant heat-up and recovery.


  • Porcelain ceramic technology
  • Adjustable temperature settings (235 to 450 degree-Fahrenheit)
  • Longer plates

This straightening iron has more temperature range than most of the others on this list. Its temperature is also easily adjusted through its Rheostat temperature dial. Whatever your hair type, you can use this iron to tame your hair and look fabulous throughout the day.

The BaByLissPRO Porcelain Ceramic iron also boasts of longer plates than its competitors. If your flat iron has longer plates, your hairstyling is guaranteed to take shorter periods of time. Your hair will be sleek, smooth, and shiny without compromising your schedule.

Furthermore, bear in mind that there are also a lot of BaBylissPRO con artists at large. If you receive a defective iron of this model, inspect the product thoroughly and determine whether or not it is genuine.


  • Shorter time spent in styling hair
  • Adjustable temperature has a huge range
  • Long cord for user’s convenience


  • Problems with the comb attachment
  • The cord is not tangle-proof
  • No light indicator

Factors to Consider When Buying a Flat Iron

There are a number of checkboxes that you have to tick before buying the flat iron you have in mind. Here are three of those factors:

Your hair type

First of all, determine what type of hair you have. Decide whether it is fine, wavy, or full-on curly. Most flat irons can style all hair types. However, there are some that might damage certain types of hair. Flat iron models with a non-adjustable high temperature, for example, may damage fine, fragile hair types.

In general, it is recommended to buy flat irons with adjustable temperature. This way, you can style your hair precisely and not have to worry about it being damaged. These models are most likely pricier than fixed-temperature models, but it is ultimately your hair’s health against your wallet.

Safety and convenience features

Flat irons are very dangerous if left unplugged. If you are the type to forget whether or not you have left tools and appliances running, make sure to buy a flat iron with an automatic shut feature. Additionally, consider your workspace before purchasing a flat iron. If your power source is far-off from your mirror, ensure that your flat iron has a cord long enough to plug it in. It will lessen the hassle and stress of styling yourself in the morning.

Mobility and durability

If you are someone who travels a lot, regular-sized flat irons may be a bother to carry around. There are smaller-sized irons you can choose from which you can easily fit in your bag. Moreover, if you only want a flat iron for home-use, opt for regular-sized flat irons. These have longer and wider plates that enable you to style your hair faster. Additionally, consider your preferred flat iron’s build. Make sure that the material is durable enough to withstand how often you plan to use the tool.



Bad hair days just drain the confidence out of most of us. It is no secret that we all want to look presentable at all times. Furthermore, with the right flat iron, you will be frizz-free and picture-perfect 24/7.

Choosing the best hair styling tool for yourself will probably take some time, so weigh your options carefully and write down each product’s pros and cons. After the tedious tool-choosing process, you will be able to style yourself the way you want to and step out of your home looking fabulous.

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