November 28, 2017

Do You Need Non Comedogenic Makeup: 6 Questions to Ask Yourself

do you need non comedogenic makeup

What Is Non Comedogenic Makeup?

Many people have not heard about this type of cosmetic, but non comedogenic makeup is a unique kind of makeup that will leave you without pore blockage. The main thing to understand about non comedogenic makeup is that it typically, will not clog your pores. With that main feature, non comedogenic makeup may be viewed as a useful skin care product. 

Essentially, the word comedone is a dermatological word that refers to blackheads. But non comedogenic makeup has been used for preventing acne too. When you notice a product with the label non comedogenic, it simply means that the product is not going to be the cause of acne or blackheads.

Pore blockage is still most common with individuals who have oily skin, but apart from that benefit, the ingredients in this type of makeup are known for offering many natural and healthy benefits to a variety of skin types.


Are you curious about the many benefits of non comedogenic makeup? Are you wondering if this sort of makeup is for you? Read on to find out. 

Do I Need Non Comedogenic Makeup?

You may be wondering if you are the type of person who might need non comedogenic makeup. Ask yourself the following questions, and if the answer is “yes” to the majority of them, then you most likely need this type of makeup.

  • Are you prone to breakouts?
    do you need non comedogenic makeup
  • Do you have sensitive skin?
  • Would you like to say goodbye to unsightly sores?
  • Are you interested in having clearer and healthier skin?
  • Do you suffer from acne scars?
  • Have you ever wondered if makeup can benefit your skin instead of harming it?

  • Do you like to wear foundation?

These are just the basic questions you can ask yourself in order to determine for yourself if you really need non comedogenic makeup. You might discover for yourself that you truly need this feature in your skin care products. When you have clear information about this type of makeup, you are informed and able to make the right choice in order to meet your particular skin needs.

Check The Label

If you have decided that you really could benefit from non comedogenic makeup, you will appreciate having some additional information. Start by looking at the label of your skin care and makeup products prior to any of your purchases.

do you need non comedogenic makeup

Keep in mind, most makeup products will clog your pores if they do not have ‘non comedogenic’ listed on the label as one of their features. Some of the top foundations will include non comedogenic mineral powder as an ingredient. Mineral powder has some amazing benefits and a non comedogenic variety may be a good product to look into. 

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