October 26, 2017

Wunderbrow Review

The Wunder2 Wunderbrow eyebrow gel is for anyone who wants to add more body and shape to their sparse eyebrows. It comes in five colors: auburn, brown/black, blonde, brunette, and jet black. The variety ensures that you get the perfect fit to your hair color.

The gel is is made with natural hair-like fibers for a more natural look. It’s also very easy to apply even if you’re just a beginner to the eyebrow game. Other people who have tried it were also pleased at how well the brow mascara fills in their brows and looks natural too.

How to Use the Wunderbrow Eyebrow Gel

To get your ideal eyebrow shape, gently fill in your brows with the Wunderbrow2 gel using the spoolie provided. You’ll be doing it in a similar manner to how you apply nail polish on your nails: keep the strokes light and short. To distribute evenly and to smooth it out, use gentle up and down strokes. That way, you can shape your brows accordingly and avoid messing up.

After applying it, all you have to do is let the gel set for a couple of minutes, and you are all set. This eyebrow gel will last for up to three days, so you’re not just set for a day, you’re set for two more too!

One user even found that the Wunderbrow gel did not come off even when she washed her face with soap and water. In fact, even after a day of activity where she ended up all sweaty, it hadn’t even budged. She also said that it was difficult to remove even when she wanted to.

As such, it’s highly recommended that you use an oil based cleanser to remove the gel as some of it can stay on even after three days.

wunderbrow review


  • Long lasting: Lasts for more than a day. Just make sure to follow application instructions as recommended for it to last. 
  • Transfer- proof: No more worrying about losing an eyebrow when you wipe off your sweaty forehead.
  • Water-proof: Not even baths can rid you of your splendid brows.
  • Won’t budge: Through sweat and baths, your brows will look as steady as they did after fresh application.
  • Made with natural hair fibers: There are hair fibers infused with the gel. Those fibers fasten to the eyebrow upon application. This feature makes the effect look more realistic and natural.

In short, this product comes highly recommended and does everything the manufacturer promises. Users love it as it really does give you the perfect eyebrows. Plus, they don’t get smudged or erased halfway through the day!

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